No. 1
Downing Street
2 January 1860
With reference to your despatch No. 47 of the 12th September last, and my answer of the 1st ultimo relative to the erection of Public Buildings in Vancouver's Island, I now transmit you copy of a letter from Mr Berens commenting on your despatchManuscript imagedespatch on behalf of the Hudsons Bay Company and of the answer which I have caused to be addressed to that gentleman.
You will observe that it is necessary that your report on the whole subject should be full and explanatory, as the matter is one involving serious considerations.
You will also observe strictly the caution expressed in that letter, and let it be fully understood that Her Majesty's Government are not prepared to recognize any private ownership ofManuscript imageof soil in Vancouvers Island by the Company by any title anterior to the grant. It must rest with the Company to take such steps, in vindication of such supposed title, as they may think proper.
You will further furnish me with as little delay as you conveniently can, with a report in which the land claimed by the Company in Vancouvers Island by anterior title is distinguished from such land as they may have acquired, in their private capacity and in accordance with the landManuscript imageland Sales Regulation, since the date of the grant. On this subject I have to refer you to your despatch of 15 July 1858, containing a Return of "land sold to any individual or Company" in which the Hudsons Bay Company appear as purchasers of several specified lots.
I have the honor to be sir
Your most Obedient humble servant

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H. H. Berens, Hudson's Bay Company, to Newcastle, 16 December 1859, with enclosures.
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