No. 28
Downing Street
26 July 1860
I have received your despatch of the 23rd March, No. 14, forwarding a letter with several enclosures from Mr E.E. Langford containing a complaint against the Surveyor of Vancouver's Island and reflections upon yourself on account of an application which had been made by Mr Langford put word(s) hereManuscript imagefor leave to purchase a certain lot of land in Vancouver's Island.
You will have the goodness to inform Mr Langford that I have carefully perused all the documents submitted to me upon this transaction and that I am unable to find any cause for blame in Mr Pemberton's conduct. Neither do I see that you showed any want of readiness in investigating the case when your notice was called to it, or that blame is attributable to you for the delay which occurred in communicating theManuscript imagethe answer of Mr Pemberton to Mr Langford.
I have etc.
G.C. Lewis