No. 30
Downing Street
16 August 1860
I have received and have had under my consideration the acts passed by the Legislature of Vancouver Island in the year 1859 and transmitted to me in your Despatch noted in the margin
No. 26—8th May/60.
I have reported to Her Majesty in Council my opinion that the said Acts may be left to their operation; and I have the honour to transmit to you herewith an Order of Her Majesty in Council, dated the 1st of August approving that Report.
I have etc.
G.C. Lewis
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Order in Council, 1 August 1860, approving the following Acts: No. 8, An Act to Authorize the Macadamizing of Certain Streets, the Erection of a Bridge, and to Provide Means for the Same.
No. 9, An Act to Provide for the Passage of an Act to Authorize and Regulate the Sale of Wines, Spirits and Other Liquors.
No. 10, An Act to Provide for the Resignation and Vacating of Seats in the House of Assembly in the Colony of Vancouver's Island and for the Election of Members of Vacancies.
No. 11, An Act to Make Provision for the Registration of Voters, and for the Other Purposes Relating Thereto.
No. 12, An Act to Increase the Number of Representatives of the People of this Colony in the House of Assembly.
No. 13, An Act to Remove Doubts as to the Interest of Money in the Colony of Vancouver Island, and its Dependencies.
No. 14, An Act for the Protection of the Wooden Bridges in Vancouver Island, and its Dependencies.
No. 15, An Act to Amend the Law Relating to the Representation of Vancouver Island and its Dependencies.
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