No. 31
Downing Street
28 August 1860
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your despatch No. 31 of the 18th of June reporting on the expenditure incurred upon the Lighthouses which are in course of erection in Fucas Straits.
The Lords Commissoners of the Treasury will not object to the acceptance of Bills for the expenditure in the Colony for this service to the extent ofManuscript imageof 7751.16.10 which is the amount stated in your despatch to be required on the spot, but I have to instruct you to limit the expenditure if possible within that amount.
Provision will be made in the Estimates for Lighthouses for the ensuing year for the amount of expenditure incurred beyond the sum of £7000 already voted by Parliament on the understanding thatManuscript imagethat one half of this additional amount, as in the case of the original Vote, will be repaid by the two colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia jointly.
I have etc.
C. Fortescue
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