No. 34
Downing Street
15 September 1860
I have had under my consideration your despatch No. 30 of the 16th of May, explaining the reasons which had led you to refrain from employing the services of an Officer of the Royal Engineers to make a preliminary survey of the position to be chosen for the occupationManuscript imageoccupation of British Troops in the Island of San Juan.
I can well understand that Colonel Moody may have been unable to give a careful opinion on the point upon which you requested his views without first examining the localities, either in person or by one of his Officers. At the same time I am ready to acquiesce in your reasons for avoidingManuscript imageavoiding any step which, being in itself unnecessary, might have given rise to unfounded suspicions on the part of the United States Authorities.
I have etc.
G.C. Lewis
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Douglas, James

Lewis, George C.

Moody, Richard Clement

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San Juan Island