Paget to Under-Secretary of State
27 December 1861
Having laid before my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty your letter of the 24th Inst. with its enclosures respecting the application for a grant of Colonial Pay to the Lieutenants in command of Her Majesty's Gun Boats Grappler and Forward while employed on the Vancouver Station; and suggesting thatasManuscript image as the Revenues of those Colonies are not in a state to admit of any grant on this account, an Extra rate of Pay might be allowed; I am commanded by their Lordships to acquaint you, for the information of His Grace the Duke of Newcastle, that my Lords consider there are great objections to the principle of granting Extra Pay, and that they do not deem the caseinManuscript image in question sufficiently strong to be made Exceptional.
I am etc.
C. Paget
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VJ 30 Decr
The application was for extra allowances to all the Crew and not merely to the Lieutenants in command. It is sufficiently plain however that this would not remove, but probably increase, the general objection entertained by the Admiralty.
I suppose therefore that the Governor may now be answered that these allowances cannot be granted. We can frame a despatch which will give some idea of the important objections of principle, so as to soften any disappointment which may be felt at the refusal.
TFE 30 Decr
N 31
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 82, 31 December 1861 informing him that the Admiralty does not approve the granting of extra pay to HMS Grappler and HMS Forward during the time they shall continue employed on the coasts of Vancouver Island and British Columbia.
Minutes by CO staff
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This Draft is copied from the fair copy which was written first in
order to obtain the Duke's signature.