Vancouver Island Despatches from London 1861
45 Jan 26 Expenses for construction of barracks at San Juan Island. 4546 Feb 19 Salary of Pemberton while on leave. 4647 Mar 1 Completion of lighthouses. 47 B615CO0248 Mar 23 Whereabouts of Adolphe Sokeren. 48 V615AD0749 Mar 31 Entertainment afforded to Captain Stamp aboard Grappler. 4950 Mar 31 Petition asking that John Copland be allowed to practice law in VI. 5051 Apr 5 Appointment of G.H. Cary as attorney general of VI. 5152 Apr 7 Taxes due from Cary. 5253 Apr 9 Approval of withdrawal of magistrate from San Juan Island. 5354 Apr 15 Disposal of land in VI. 54 B615LN01Sep Apr 19 Warrant appointing treasurer of VI. 19 B615AD0555 May 1 Money due to Samuel Heseltine at the time of his death. 5556 May 5 Appointment of Fraser, Cameron, and Langley to legislature. 5657 May 11 Approval of Victoria Harbour Act. 5758 May 30 Shipment of stores for lighthouses. 58 B615LN02Sep June 3 Finances of VI in hands of agents general. 3 B615AD0159 June 12 Payment of detachment of royal marines at San Juan Island. 59 V6101060 June 14 Issue of five hundred Brunswick rifles to VI. 60 B606G0161 June 15 Sale of waterfront land in Victoria. 61 B615LN0362 June 25 Site of barracks in VI. 62 V6101163 June 26 Payment of expenses for stationery. 63Sep July 6 Payment of expenses for supplies for Tribune. 6 B61708964 July 15 Proclamations allowing occupation of unsurveyed land. 64 B6101165 July 26 Land sold to L. Lowenburg. 6566 Aug 15 Additional expense for lighthouses. 66 V6101367 Aug 23 Church reserves and employment of Reverend E. Cridge. 6768 Aug 24 Retention of British detachment at San Juan Island. 6869 Sep 3 Withdrawal of American troops from San Juan Island. 69 V615AD1170 Sep 6 Douglas's speech opening the session of the legislature. 70 B6105871 Sep 9 Method of identifying bills for paymaster general. 7172 Oct 9 Non-refundability of land in VI. 72 B6105973 Oct 19 Native title to public land in VI. 7374 Nov 9 Request for field batteries and additional rifles. 7475 Nov 14 Salary withheld from Samuel Heseltine. 75 B615TE0176 Nov 23 Rifles shipped to VI. 76 B615LN0577 Nov 26 Cost of Captain Stamp's entertainment. 77 B6106078 Nov 30 Admission of John Copland to practice law in VI. 7879 Dec 4 Disposal of land by HBC. 79 V6101580 Dec 5 Approval of act number 17. 8081 Dec 30 Appointment of Allen Francis as US consul at VI. 8182 Dec 31 Application for colonial pay to Grappler and Forward. 82 B615LN0683 Dec 31 Method of appointing officers of VI volunteer corps. 83 B61061