Whittle to Newcastle
North Sherwood Street
2 May 1862
My Lord Duke
I venture to trespass upon your Grace's time & attention by a desire of obtaining a little information from your Grace as Her Majesty's Secretary of State for the Colonies respecting Vancouver's Island or British Columbia.
If the Government intend sending out to that Island any Emmigrants?—or whether any such Scheme is about to emanate from them for any other part of Her Majesty's Dominions.
If your Grace would kindly favor the undersigned with an answer to the above queries Your Grace will greatly oblige; as the information is sought for on behalf of a party of residents in this Town, being desirous of learning something respecting the above Colony in particular.
I have the honor to be My Lord Duke
Your Grace's humble & obliged Servant
Wm Whittle
Attorney's Clerk

To His Grace
The Duke of Newcastle
Secretary of State for the Colonies
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Ansr that H.M.Gt have no intention of undertaking a scheme of emigration to these Colonies, nor do they know of any such plan being in contemplation elsewhere in the United Kingdom.
Probably Nottingham weavers & makers of lace are not the fittest people for Emigration: but perhaps fresh air & exercise might convert them into useful laborers elsewhere. Any how it is clear from the applications we receive that the existing distress occasions a desire for emigration. It is equally clear that B. Columbia is crying out for settlers. As I have remarked, before I think some steps shd be taken by the Authority of Govt for diffusing the information we possess respecting the Colony, & the mode of reaching it, in those quarters where it is likely to be of service. It would never do to [pass?] off the Country & its advantages. I wd simply give more general circulation to those facts which are hidden in Parly Blue Books from persons of the laboring class.
ABd 3 May
Draft answer, as proposed.
At once.
TFE 5 May
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Fortescue to Whittle, 8 May 1862, advising that the government has no plans to sponsor immigration from England, but enclosing a colonization circular containing information about Vancouver Island and British Columbia.