No. 93
Downing Street
2 April 1862
I have received and have had under my consideration Acts noted in the margin [Marginal note: Nos. 38, 39, 40, & 41.] passed by the Legislature of Vancouver Island in the months of October & November last, and transmitted to me in your Despatch noted in the margin [Marginal note: No. 73: 25th Novr 1862].
I have reported to Her Majesty in Council my opinion that the said Acts should be left to their operation: and I have the honour to transmit to you herewith an Order of Her Majesty in Council, dated the [blank] approving that Report.
I have the honor to be,
Your obedient Servant,

Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Arthur Helps, Council Office, to Colonial Office, 2 April 1862, reporting the approval of the following acts: No. 38, An Act to Enable Aliens to Hold and Transmit Real Estate; No. 39, An Act to Provide for the Naturalization of Aliens; No. 40, An Act to Cure Defects in Titles in Real Estate in Vancouver Island and Its Dependencies, Held or Derived through Aliens; and No. 41, An Act to Amend the Procedure in Civil Cases.
Documents enclosed with the main document (transcribed)
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Copy in the House
of Assembly
4th June 1862

Vancouver Island
Despatch of 2nd April 1862
At the Court of Windsor
The 21st day of March, 1862.
The Queen's most Excellent Majesty
Lord President
Duke of Somerset
Mr Cardwell

Whereas the governor of Her Majesty's Island of Vancouver with the Council and assembly of the said Island did in the months of October and November, 1861, pass four acts which have been transmitted entitled as follows, viz
No: 38. "An Act to enable Aliens to
hold and transmit Real Estate."
No: 39. "An Act to provide for the Naturalization
of Aliens"
No: 40. "An Act to cure defects in
Gittes to Real Estate in Vancouver Island and its Dependencies, held or derived through Aliens."
No: 41Manuscript imageNo: 41. "An Act to amend the Procedure in Civil Cases."
And whereas the said Acts have been laid before Her Majesty in Council, together with a letter is the Lord President of the Council, from the Most Noble the Duke of NewCastle, one of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, recommending that the said acts should be left to their operation, Her Majesty was thereupon this day pleased, by and with the advice of Her Privy Council to approve to approve1 the said Recommendation. Whereof the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, or Commander in Chief for the time being of Her Majesty's Island of Vancouver, and all other persons whom it may concern are to take notice and Govern themselves accordingly.
  1. This text is crossed out with a line of crosses.
  2. All checkmarks on the first page appear in the left margin.
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