No. 105
Downing Street
16 June 1862
I have received and have had under my consideration twelve Acts passed by the Legislature of Vancouver Island in the months of July, Sepr., Novr., Decr., Jany. & Feby. last, and transmitted to me in your Despatch noted in the Margin [Marginal note: Nos. 42 to 53, No. 9—11th Feby/62].
I have reported to Her Majesty in Council my opinion that the said Acts should be left to their operation: and I have the honor to transmit to you herewith an Order of Her Majesty in Council, dated the 7th Instant approving that Report.
I have the honor to be,
Your obedient Servant,

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Arthur Helps, Council Office, to Colonial Office, 7 June 1862, reporting the approval of the following acts: No. 42, An Act to Provide for and Regulate the Sale of Wines, Spirits, Malt, and other Liquors; No. 43, An Act to Extend and Amend the Provisions of the Fire-mans Protection Act, 1860; No. 44, An Act to Authorize the Continuation of Certain Streets in Victoria, Vancouver Island; No. 45, An Act for Preventing Frauds upon Creditors by Secret Bills of Sale of Personal Chattels; No. 46 An Act to Regulate the Business of Pawnbrokers; No. 47, An Act to facilitate the Remedies on Billis of Exchange and Promissory Notes by the Prevention of Frivolous or Fictitious Defences to Actions thereon; No. 48, An Act to Enlarge the Time Limited by the Victoria Gas Companies Act 1860, for the Establishment of Gas Works and Buildings by the Victoria Gas Company; No. 49 An Act to Amend the Trades Licenses Act 1860; No. 50, An Act to Extend the provisions of the Limitation of Foreign Actions Act 1860; No. 51, An Act to Prohibit Swine and Goats from Running at Large in the Town of Victoria and Prohibit Goats from Running at Large in the Settled Districts of Vancouver Island; No. 52, An Act to Apply the Sum of x4550 out of the General Revenue for the Payment of Certain Salaries and Expenses for the Service of the Year, 1861; and No. 53, An Act to Apply the Sum of x15.910 out of the General Revenue . . . to the Service of the Year 1861.
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