No. 118
Downing Street
28 September 1862
I have received your despatch No. 38 of the 24th of July last, enclosing 6 Acts passed by the Legislature of Vancouver Island in June and July last, which I have submitted to Her Majesty with my recommendation that they should be lefttoManuscript image to their operation.
I think it necessary however to call your attention to the effect of the Act No. 59 "to protect the property of a Wife deserted by her Husband."
The alteration made by this Act in the Imperial Law for protecting the property of deserted Wives seems an alteration for the worse, as it appears that a poor woman,desertedManuscript image deserted by her husband, who by honest industry has collected a little property, will not be able under the present Act, without troubling herself about questions of Law, to obtain any protection for the property so acquired, but will remain liable (notwithstanding any order which she may subsequently obtain) to have the wholeofManuscript image of that property swept away by the husband or the creditors of the husband who has deserted her.
Such being the case I cannot doubt that so undesirable an alteration of a provision carefully considered by the best Lawyers of this Country will not be allowed to remain on the Statute Book of Vancouver Island.
I have the honor to be
Your obedient Servant

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