No. 120
Downing Street
13 November 1862
I have received and have had under my consideration 7 Acts—Nos. 54 to 60 passed by the Legislature of Vancouver Island in the months of May & July last, and transmitted to me in your Despatches in the Margin. [Marginal note: 34—10 June/62, 38—24 July/62.]
I have reported to Her Majesty in Council my opinion that the said Acts should be left to their operation; and I have the honor to transmit to you herewith an Order of Her Majesty in Council, dated the 1st Instant approving that Report.
I have the honor to be,
Your obedient Servant,

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Arthur Helps, Council Office, to Colonial Office, 13 November 1862, reporting the approval of the following acts: No. 54, An Act to Authorize the Governor of Vancouver Island and Its Dependencies to Borrow Money for Temporary Purposes; No. 55, An Act to Confirm the Appointment of Certain Members of the Court of Revision under the Real Estate Tax Act 1860; No. 56, An Act to Enlarge the Time Limited by the Victoria Gas Company's Extension Act 1861 for the Establishment of Gas Works and Buildings by the Victoria Gas Company; No. 57, An Act to Authorize the Chief Justice of Vancouver Island and its Dependencies to Make Certain Necessary Appointments; No. 58, An Act to Establish Fire Limits within the Town of Victoria; No. 59, An Act to Protect the Property of a Wife Deserted by her Husband; and No. 60, An Act to Authorize the Appoinment of a Sanatory Commission for the Town of Victoria and to Define the Powers thereof.
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