Pemberton to Newcastle
59 Guilford Street
Russell Square W.C.
22nd December 63
My Lord Duke,
I had the honor by letter of the 26th inst to apply to your Grace, for 3 months extension of leave of absence to witness the completion of arrangements to improve Victoria Harbour: and Your Grace by order of the 10h Novr was pleased to decide that 2 months was sufficient for the purpose, which has proved to be the case, inasmuch as all the arangements are now complete, and it is understood that the vessel which carries the machinery will sail the first week in January. I now very respectfully Petition Your Grace for a month or 6 weeks additional leave on Personal grounds, viz. that I am to be married on the 2nd of January. I would add that the entire leave as yet granted is 11 months, occupied in the Public Serivce, and that I ought, in either event to arrive in the Colony considerably in advance of the machinery and Engineers.
I have the honor to subscribe myself
Your Graces most obedient
and most humble Servant
J. Despard Pemberton
Surveyor General
Vancouver Island Colony
To His Grace
The Duke of Newcastle
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
If Mr Pemberton reaches the Colony in time to meet the Machinery no public inconvenience would I apprehend be occasioned by acceding to his request for an extension of a month or 6 weeks leave?
VJ 23 Decr
Mr Pemberton has acted in a shuffling manner. The attempt to force the Secretary of State into aManuscript image corner by this late application is particularly reprehensible. He almost deserves a refusal, but as he has made that so difficult, I think that at least the letter to him ought to show that we are not deceived and to make him sensible of his error. Instead of setting forth the facts at length here, I have embodied them in the accompanying draft, on which I have also consulted personally with Sir F. Rogers and Mr Fortescue as time does not admit of making a previous reference to the Duke.
TFE 23 Decr
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Elliot to Pemberton, 23 December 1863, granting him the extension to his leave, but reprimanding him for making his application at such a late date.
Minutes by CO staff
As time is so urgent, this letter, which I have submitted personally
to Sir F. Rogers & to Mr Fortescue, had better be copied for Sign & despatched at once.
TFE 23/12