Downing Street
14 April 1863
In your despatch No. 31 of the 31st May 1862 you called my attention to the expediency in the advanced state of the Colony of Vancouver Island, of dividing the Council into two distinct Bodies and creating an Executive and Legislative Council.
I did not fail to give due consideration to your suggestion,andManuscript image and I took the necessary measures for the preparation of the Instruments required for carrying that arrangement into effect.
I now transmit to you a Supplementary Commission and Instructions which have been framed for that purpose. You will perceive that they bear date so far back as the 8th of October last. I had retained them while considering more general questions connected with the Constitution of your Government, but I will no longer delay the transmission of those Instruments, the provisions of which will in no wise interfere with anysubsequentManuscript image subsequent changes which may eventually be decided on.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
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