No. 25
24 June 1863
In another despatch of equal date I have transmitted to you an Order of Her Majesty in Council leaving to its operation an Act passed by the Legislature of Vancouver Island in December last entitled "An Act to impose certainStampManuscript image Stamp duties on Writings and Deeds."
Having consulted the Lords Commissoners of the Treasury on the subject of this Act their Lordships have observed that though there is no objection to it there is a clerical omission in the 17th clause which they suggest might be repaired by the introduction of thewordsManuscript image words which are placed opposite to the text in the subjoined extract from the Act.
I have the honor to be
Your Obedient Servant

Extract from 17th Clause of Act No 70.

"provides that if such interest shall exceed in amount the said duty or deficiency of duty,
then there shall be paid by way of Penalty in addition to the said duty or deficiency
and the said sum of ten pounds and in lieu of the said interest a sum equal to the amountofManuscript image of the said duty or deficiency of duty, and the Treasurer is hereby required" etc.
12 & 14 Vict: Cap 97 s 12
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