No. 103, Legislative
6th December 1864
Adverting to my Despatch No 86, 19th October 1864 I have the honor to transmit the copy of a Bill entitled "An Act to appropriate the sum of twelve hundred pounds Sterling per annum from the General Revenue of the Colony for the salary of a Chief Justice."
I have with the advice of my Executive Council reserved myAssentManuscript image Assent to this Bill pending the decision of Her Majesty's Government, being of opinion that it is a question whether the spirit and letter of it do not encroach upon Her Majesty's Perrogative.
I beg to be favoured with your instructions on this subject.
I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient Servant
A.E. Kennedy
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F. Rogers
No report from the Attorney General. The Governor has withheld his assent to this Bill.
In March last an Act was passed but has not been assented to by the Queen, giving a pension of £500 per annum to Ch: J. Cameron.
If this recent Act is properly granted steps might now be taken for selecting a successor to Mr Cameron.
See Mr Cardwell's desp. 12 May/64.
ABd 13 Feb.
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TFE 13/2
I think the Act may be sanctioned notwithstanding the limitation on the patronage—wh in truth I do not think we can quarrel with.
(If the Act is sanctd—send to Privy Council for confirmation & to Mr Parker with regard to the allotments.
FR 14/2
CF 15
EC 18
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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"An Act to appropriate the sum of Twelve Hundred Pounds sterling per annum from the General Revenue of the Colony for the salary of the Chief Justice," signed by E.J. Nesbitt, Clerk of the Legislative Council, passed 2 November 1864.
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Elliot to Secretary to the Admiralty, 15 September 1865, advising that Joseph Needham had been appointed Chief Justice of Vancouver Island and so would succeed "ex Officio to the Office of Judge of the Vice Admiralty Court."
Minutes by CO staff
This is the usual intimation of a change in the person of the Vice
Admiralty Judge.
Other documents included in the file
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Rogers to Attorney General and Solicitor General, 20 March 1865, asking for clarification of a point of order in relation to the government of Vancouver Island.