Knollys to Colonial Office
Marlborough House
Pall Mall, S.W.
14 June 1864
I am desired by Lieut: General Knollys to inform you that the accompanying Address of Congratulation having been laid before Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, he will feel obliged by your communicating the same to the Mayor of the City of Victoria.
I am Sir
Yr. very Obedient Servant
Francis Knollys
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Request the Governor to inform the Mayor accy.
ABd 15 June
The Mayor of Victoria, probably from want of knowledge, has committed an irregularity in sending an Address direct to General Knollys. I would suggest an answer of which a draft is annexed.
The Mayor of Victoria has shown a goodManuscript image disposition to the Governor lately and I have done my best to make the draft very civil.
TFE 17 June
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Address from the Mayor and Council of the City of Victoria to the Prince and Princess of Wales congratulating them upon the birth of a son, dated 4 April 1864, signed by the mayor and six councillors.
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Thomas Harris, Mayor of Victoria, to Lieutenant General Knolly's, Comptroller of the Household, 4 April 1864, forwarding the address as noted above.
Other documents included in the file
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Draft reply, Cardwell to Kennedy, No. 11, 20 June 1864.