Head to Elliot (Assistant Under-Secretary)
Hudsons Bay House,
October 29th 1864
For the information of Her Majestys Secretary of State for the Colonies I have the honour herewith to transmit— 1. Extract of a letter from Roderick Finlayson Esquire to the Secretary of the Hudsons Bay Company dated Victoria 7th September 1864. 2. Copy of a letter from P. Medana Chairman of a Public Meeting of the inhabitants of Victoria held on the 27thJulyManuscript image July 1864 to Roderick Finlayson Esquire and the Agents of the Hudsons Bay Company dated September 5th 1864. 3. Copies of Resolutions adopted by the said Meeting—Presentment by the Grand Jury—Correspondence with the Colonial Government and other documents enclosed in Mr Medana's letter to Mr Finlayson.
The whole of these documents have reference to a measure adopted by Governor Kennedy in causing barriers to be placed across several of the streets leading to the piece of land granted to the Community by this Company.
Resolutions were passed attheManuscript image the Meeting to the effect that great inconvenience and injustice to the public as well as injury to property would result from the closing of those streets and the Grand Jury take the same view of the case. By the last Mail we learn that considerable excitement existed on the subject and that, on the refusal of the Governor to remove the barricades, the people had themselves pulled them down.
I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient Servant
Edmund Head
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
No information has reached us from the Governor on this subject; nor is it quite clear to me that he will think it his duty to report the circs to the S. State. But as the Hudsons Bay Co appeal agt the Governor's proceedings it will, I apprehend, be right to refer this complaint to him & ask for a report. And tell the H.B.Co.
ABd 1 Novr
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Draft reply, Cardwell to Kennedy, No. 59, 1 November 1864, transmitting Head’s despatch and urging Kennedy not to restrict the public from the services they had previously enjoyed.
Minutes by CO staff
Draft settled & approved by Mr Cardwell yesterday.
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