Bergue to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
March 22 1864
My dear Sir Frederic
Can you help me in the following matter.
The wife of a man named Hatcher, who has been for some time a resident in Vancouver's Island, is very anxious to get some intelligence respecting him. She received on the 25th of October last a letter fromhimManuscript image him dated the 14th of September, from "Esquimath" as my informant tells me, but which I presume must be the place I see on the Map & which is "Esquimalt" near Victoria. He was then ill, & she is apprehensive he is dead as she has heard nothing since. I am told that he was owner of two fishing Hoys and Canoes; was well known to have officers frequently takingthemManuscript image them on shooting parties; and was occasionally employed at Victoria as [a] cook.
If you would kindly cause inquiry to be made about the man, I would feel greatly obliged.
Yours very sincerely
J.B. Bergue
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Make the enquiry of the Govr.
Ansd 29 March/64 privately. Mr B. infd that enquiries will be made.
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Newcastle to Kennedy, No. 6, 28 March 1864, forwarding Bergue's letter of enquiry.