Hamilton to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
Treasury Chambers
24th March 1864
With reference to your letters of 2nd Ultimo and 2nd Instant I am desired by the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury to acquaint you, for the information of the Duke of Newcastle, that in consideration of Sergeant McColl of the Royal Engineers, serving in British Columbia, having been disappointed in obtaining a free passage for his wife and family in the "Thames City" in consequence of her illness at the time of the sailing of that Vessel,TheirManuscript image Their Lordships will not object to the remission of the sum of £52.10 being that part of the cost of their passages in the "Marcella" which has not been repaid by him by deductions from his pay;
At the same time Their Lordships request that it may be ascertained, either from Colonel Moody or from the Governor of British Columbia, whether the balance of the sum of £217.11.2 advanced for the passages of the wives and families of certain men of the RoyalEngineersManuscript image Engineers in the "Marcella," has been wholly recovered.
I am,
your obedient Servant
Geo. A. Hamilton
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
It remains to instruct the Govr to remit the £52.10 and ask Col: Moody (who will, I think, be best able to give the information) whether the balance of the £217.11.2 has been received?
VJ 26 M
Mr Jadis
TFE 26/3
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Seymour, No. 5, 30 March 1864.
Elliot to Moody, 1 April 1864, advising that Seymour had been instructed to remit £52.10 for passage of the McColl family, and asking whether the balance of the £217.11.2 had been paid.