No. 50
No. 50 crossed out and "Confidential by Mr. Cardwells' desire" written above. [PABC copy is labeled: "Immaterial. Act as to efficacy of an Act to Amend Real Estate Tax Act."]
27 October 1864
With reference to your despatch No. 50 of the 1st of August I have the honour to transmit to you the enclosed copy of an Opinion of the Law Officers of the Crown pronouncing in favor of the efficacy of the Act passed by the Legislature of Vancouver Island in 1862 "to amend the real estate tax Act 1860."
Although the opinion of the law Officers of the Crown is not binding upon the judgment of the Chief Justice, I cannot but believe that he will probablyManuscript image attach much weight to the decided opinion upon a purely legal point of two lawyers so eminent as Sir R. Palmer and Sir R.P. Collier and I have to request that you will give Mr. Cameron, if he wish it, an opportunity of reading this despatch and the opinion privately, but that you will not make any public use of the opinion.
I enclose two copies of a Parliamentary Paper containing the opinion referred to by the Law Officers at the conclusion of their present Report.
I have etc.
E. Cardwell
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