No. 59
1st November 1864
I transmit to you, herewith, the copy of a letter addressed to me by the governor of the Hudson's Bay Company, with numerous enclosures, on the subject of steps which appear to have been recently taken by you for enclosing the Public Park in Victoria. It is complainedthatManuscript image that these steps interfere with the rights and convenience of residents in the neighbourhood of the Park. In the absence of a Report from yourself, I can of course form no opinion upon these complaints. I feel satisfied that you would not have adopted the measures complained of except under a senseofManuscript image of public duty. I shall be glad to receive from you an explanation of this matter, and in the meantime I rely that you will take care that no facility or convenience which the public have heretofore enjoyed in this respect shall be unnecessarily withdrawn.
I have the honor to be
Your obedient servant
Edward Cardwell
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