No. 64
1st December 1864
I have duly received the several Despatches from you enumerated in the margin.
No. 47—30th July
51—4th Augst
57—18 "
69—5th Septr.
In these Despatches you report the steps which you took to encourage exploration, and the subsequent discoveries of Gold in the Sooke River District.
You acted veryproperlyManuscript image properly in promoting an endeavor to enlarge the Knowledge of the resources of the Colony, and it is very satisfactory that this endeavor has been rewarded by a discovery which promises to increase the wealth and prosperity of the Colony.
I enclose, for your information, two Parliamentary Papers on Australia, containing some documentswhichManuscript image which may be of use to you in dealing with this important subject. And if you should require further information, I think that you might derive advantage from communicating on the subject with the Governor of British Columbia, in which Colony a considerable amount of experience on the best treatment of Gold Fields has already beenaccumulatedManuscript image accumulated. Indeed unless there would be a marked difference in the conditions of the case in the two Colonies, it would seem convenient that their regulations on the present subject should be as nearly similar as circumstances will admit.
I have the honor to be
Your obedient servant
Edward Cardwell
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