No. 60
18th July 1865
Referring to your Despatch No 2 dated 7th January 1865 respecting the appointment of an Attorney General for Vancouver Island I have the honor to inform you that I placed the sum of £600 on the Estimates for 1865 to cover the salary and fees hitherto paid to that officer.
The Legislative AssemblydeclinedManuscript image declined to vote more than £300 as a "temporary and provisional salary", "with fees as heretofore."
Under these circumstances the Colony must continue to labour under the obvious disadvantage of having the important office of Attorney General filled by a Gentleman who is conscious that his appointment may cease with the temporary and provisional salary voted.
In reference to the part paymentofManuscript image of this officer by fees, I have already stated my opinion in my Despatch No 64, 31st August 1864 that this system holds out a direct inducement to the Attorney General or the solicitor whom he may please to employ to involve the Government in litigation.
I may further add that I believe the amount of fees for 1865 in addition to the £300 voted as salary will considerably exceed the sum of £600 which I placed on the Estimates.
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I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient Servant
A.E. Kennedy
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Sir F. Rogers
An ill judging, & probably an ill tempered House of Assembly.
We can do nothing here: for no permanent appointment to the Office of Attorney General can be made under these circs.
ABd 18 Sep
FR 18/9
EC 19
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Draft reply, Cardwell to Kennedy, No. 51, 25 September 1865.