Clarke, Son and Rawlins to Cardwell
29, Coleman Street, London E.C.
8th December 1865
Clients of ours resident in this Country but who carry on a large business in Partnership at Victoria in Vancouver's Island being about to retire from such business and to dispose of the Goodwill to another party are anxious if possible to arrange with him to receive the consideration for such sale by way of a perCentage of the profits for the next few years, but to enable us to advise him in regard thereto whether they can safely enter into such agreement without incurring the liability of Partners, it is necessary for us to ascertain whether the Act passed in the last Session of Parliament to amend the Law of Partnership (28 & 29 Victoria Chapter 86) has been applied to the Colonies. If not, the Colonies not being expressly named therein, and it being subsequent to the establishment of the Colony in question, we take it to be clear that, in accordance with the ordinary rule, the Law at Vancouver's Island in this respect would remain unaltered by the Act and that our clients by sharing in the profits would be liable as partners in accordance with what was previously the Law here.
Under these circumstances may we ask you kindly to inform us whether any similar Alteration in the Law has been made for the Colony or if not whether such is in contemplation.
We have the honor to be, Sir,
Your obedt & humble Servts
Clarke, Son & Rawlins

The Right Honble Edward Cardwell, M.P.
Her Majesty's Secretary of State
for the Colonies
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
There is no recent local Act on the subject.
VJ 9 Decr
Sir F. Rogers
May we so inform the applicants?
TFE 9/12
Mr Jadis
I should like first to see the Registry of V.C.I. Acts.
FR 9/12
Sir F. Rogers
Registry annexed.
VJ 11 Decr
Inform the writers that the most recent Act in V.C.I. respectg Joint Stock Compes isManuscript image the Act No 18 of 1860 int[itule]d An Act to extend the Provisions of the Joint Stock Compes Acts 1856 1857 and 1858 to V.C.I. & its dependencies. Add (if it be the case) that copies of this Act and the subsequent Acts of the Col. Legislature have been sent to the libraries of Lin[colns] Inn, & of the Inner & Middle Temples or (if that be not the case) that he may inspect them here.
FR 11/12
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Forster to Clarke, Son and Rawlins, 14 December 1865, providing information on acts passed in Vancouver Island relating to joint stock companies and advising that the acts in question may be inspected at the colonial office.
Minutes by CO staff
I understand that these Acts are not sent to the Inns of Court.