No. 4
24th January 1865
I have had the honor to receive your Despatch No. 90 of the 23rd of October, accompanied by an application from Mr. Henry Wakeford for an addition of six months to his leave of absence from Western Australia. Governor Hampton gave Mr. Wakeford 12 months leave commencing fromtheManuscript image the 14th of December 1863 to go to Vancouver Island, with a proviso that he should cease to draw half pay from Western Australia on getting "any fresh appointment under Her Majesty's Government."
Mr. Wakeford did obtain an appointment from you, but it was an acting one, and as I ascertained in this Country that the Officer for whom he acted would go back to relieve him, and as he was only receiving half Salary for this temporary Office, I came to the conclusion, announced to you in my Despatch of the 1st of AugustlastManuscript image last, that this was not a case for his relinquishing the half Salary of his Office in Western Australia.
The point now to be decided is the addition to his leave of absence. The Colonial Regulations reserve to the Secretary of State the decision of questions of extending leave. Now if Mr. Wakeford had come to this Country, there is no doubt that adverting to his continued service in Western Australia without any previous absence, and to the good character he bears, I should readily have grantedhimManuscript image him leave for an additional six months, and therefore I see no reason for refusing him the like indulgence when he has proceeded to Vancouver Island instead of to England. I request therefore that you will convey to Mr. Wakeford my sanction for his prolonging his absence from Western Australia for six months. You will be at liberty to communicate to him a copy of this Despatch.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient humble servant
Edward Cardwell
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