24 June 1866
Governor's report on resolution telegraphed by assembly direct to Secy of State will together with resolutions of Council be transmitted by outgoing mail.
I have etc.
Minutes by CO staff

[The following minutes crossed out.]
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Mr Elliot
It will be the 12 of Augt before we can receive the Governor's promised despatch, before which time it is to be hoped that an Act of Parlt will have been passed for the Union of B.C. and V.C.I.
See the Resolutions of the Assembly 6614.
ABd 12 July
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See Minute on 6614.
TFE 13/7
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I agree with Mr Blackwoods suggestion. Communicate proceedings on the Bill which is likely soon to pass; by telegraph to Governor. Resolutions are strongly for immediate Union.
At once.
CBA 14/7
C 14 July