No. 86, Financial
6th November 1866
My Lord,
The sum of £882.17.11 having been overpaid by this Government on account of the Troops at San Juan, I have authorized the Treasurer to draw a Bill on Her Majesty's Paymaster General, for the sum of Fifteen Hundred pounds (£1500), to repay this overdraft, and to meet further paymentsnowManuscript image now due and becoming due on this account and I have the honor to request that your Lordship will cause the Bill to be accepted in the usual manner on presentation.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord,
Your Lordship's most obedient
and Humble Servant
William A. G. Young
The Officer administering
the Government
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Sir F. Rogers
Send to the Treasury at once? Draft annexed. See 12128.
VJ 22 Decr
FR 22/12
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Manuscript image
Rogers to Secretary to the Treasury, 24 December 1866, forwarding copies of two despatches in relation to expenditure on account of the troops stationed on San Juan Island.
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