Walcott to Gairdner (Chief Clerk)
Government Emigration Board,
Park Street, Westminster
27 April 1867 Dear Gairdner,
We have incurred an expense of £3.2.6 for the engrossment with a coloured Plan annexed
[Inserted above text:] to the deed?
of the Reconveyance to the Crown of Vancouver Island. Who is to bear this? Your office contingencies, or ours, or the Colony?
Yours ever
S. Walcott
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Can you inform me on this subject? I suppose that it is hardly proper to charge the amount to the Funds appropriated to the expenses of this Office.
GG 30 Apl
Mr Gairdner
I haveManuscript image consulted Sir F. Rogers; and he thinks with me that the most convenient course will be to instruct the Crown Agents to pay this small expense and charge it to the account of the Colony.
TFE 30 April
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Elliot to Crown Agents, 3 May 1867, instructing them to pay £3.2.6 to the Land and Emigration Commissioners "for the engrossment of a Deed for the reconveyance of Van Couver Island to the Crown," and advising that the sum could be charged to the account of the colony.
Minutes by CO staff
Mr Jadis
Prepare a draft to the Commissioners officially.
TFE 1 May
Draft prepared.
FWF 2 May
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Rogers to Emigration Commissioners, 3 May 1867, advising that the Crown Agents had been asked to remit to them the sum expensed for the engrossment of the deed.