Cooper to Stanley (Foreign Office)
20 Brunswick Street
30 August 1866 To The Right Honourable Lord Stanley Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Right Honourable Sir,
I should esteem it favour by your informing me of the proper person to apply to for information respecting a person who has died recently at Victoria, Vancouver Island as I require to know if possible the state of his affairs and the nature of the property he has left behind (if any) and also if there is a British Consul there and if so if he is the proper party to apply to for the information I require.
I am
Right Honourable Sir
Your most obedient Servant
Mary Ann Cooper
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Mr Fuller reports that Mr Cardwell's desph of the 11 Augt/65 No 38—or rather the 2d par: of it—has not been ansd. I think the Governor shd be reminded of the arrear; & under the circes of the negligence of the Colonial Authorities send the Governor a copy of this Letter requesting any information on the subject wh: can be procured.
ABd 5 Sepr
Mr Blackwood
TFE 28/9
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Rogers to Mary Ann Cooper, 2 October 1866, advising that the governor had been asked to inform the colonial office "to whom your enquiries for information concerning a person who has died in V.C.I. should be addressed."
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Draft reply, Carnarvon to Seymour, No. 12, 1 October 1866.