10th May 1866
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your despatches noted in the margin.
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Confl—24 Jan/66 No. 4—25 " "
‹‹‹‹9—8 Feb:—
‹‹‹14—1 March
The important questions which these and previous despatches treat are now under the consideration of H.M's Govt. and the result of their deliberations will be communicated to you. But in the mean time, looking to the proceedings of the House of Assembly in their recent Session, and to the probability that the Imperial Parliament may take measures for the union of the two ColoniesManuscript image at no distant date, it will be open to you to consider on the expiation of the present Legislature, whether it will be necessary for you to summon a new House till you receive definite information from me as to the passage of the Union Bill through the Imperial Parliament, and the changes in the Constitution of Vancouver's Island which the measure, if adopted, will entail.
I have etc.
E. Cardwell
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