No. 21
29 May 1866
I transmit to you a copy of a Letter from the Foreign Office accompanied by a document received from the Wurtemburg Consul in London, and I have the honor to request that you will cause the signature of Mr. Pemberton, which is attachedtoManuscript image to that document, to be legally attested, and that you will verify this attestation with your own signature.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Edward Cardwell
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Manuscript image
Copy, Hammond to the Under-Secretary of State Colonial Office, 19 May 1866, requesting the signurature of Mr. Pemberton be "duly legalized" on the request of the Wurtemburg Consul in London.
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Cardwell, Edward

Hammond, Edmund

Kennedy, Arthur

Pemberton, Joseph Despard

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Colonial Office

Foreign Office

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