No. 3
Downing Street
13th August 1866
I have the honor to transmit to you a copy of the Act passed this Session by the Imperial Parliament for the Union of the Colony of Vancouver Island with the Colony of British Columbia.
You are aware thattheManuscript image the plan of Uniting the two Colonies has been for some time under consideration. It was the wish of the Duke of Newcastle to have effected this measure, and though His Grace deferred to the public feeling which prevailed against Union he entertained little doubt that the force of circumstances would, at no distant period, cause a change of opinion in the minds of the reflecting and intelligent Members of the Community. This opinion has been fully realized. DuringtheManuscript image the years 1865 and 1866 applications have been formally addressed to Her Majesty's Government by the Legislature of Vancouver Island praying to be united with British Columbia, and my Predecessor in this Office, who for two years had carefully watched the course of events in both colonies, was satisfied not only that this Union would prove advantageous to both colonies, but that it had become indispensable. Mr. Cardwell therefore, introduced a Bill into the House ofCommonsManuscript image Commons for this purpose which after careful consideration was adopted by Her Majesty's present Advisers and has now received the sanction of Parliament.
You will perceive that the 3rd Clause of the Act imposes on the Governor of British Columbia the duty of proclaiming the Law when Vancouver Island will cease to be a separate Colony and your own functions as its Governor will unavoidably terminate.
I regret muchtheManuscript image the unfavorable effect which this measure will have upon interests. And I regret it the more because I am aware that your conduct in the Administration of a Government which has been by no means free from difficulty has been distinguished by good judgment and has uniformly obtained the approbation of my Predecessor.
I am confident that so long as you retain the Government of Vancouver Island, from which I am thus reluctantly obliged to relieve you, it will be your endeavour to supporttheManuscript image the policy of Her Majesty's Government, and to facilitate by all means in your power the consolidation of Her Majesty's Colonies on the Pacific under one effective Government.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
Humble Servant