No. 1
1 January 1867
With reference to Governor Kennedy's despatch No. 56 of the 3rd of August, containing a report from Mr. Hankin, Superintendent of Police, to the effect that the estate of the late John Curry had been realized and that the proceeds would be paid to his Mother on hersendingManuscript image sending out the requisite documents, I have the honor to acquaint you that I find from a letter addressed by Mr. Pease M.P. to a Member of this Office, that Mr. Pease has written a letter to Mr. Young the Colonial Secretary, dated the 26th of September last, suggesting that a Certificate of relationship and identity, from the Clergyman of the Parish would under all the circumstances of the case be a sufficient guarantee for letting her receive her son's effects. It is supposed that Mr. Pease's letter to Mr. Young will have been forwardedtoManuscript image to him in the Colony, but in case of its accidentally failing to reach him, I write the present despatch in order to request that you will inform me what may have been done on the subject.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant