d. 1865-06-18
Ahan was a powerful chief related to the Tsilhqot'in First Nations group.1 Ahan, with his relative Sutas, entered Bute Inlet to attack a group of men employed in the creation of a road.2 A year later, during a prolonged winter that caused a lack of food among the First Nations groups, Ahan and Sutas travelled to Bella Coola with expensive furs to make peace between the groups for their involvement in the massacres.3 Mr. Moss along with ten Bella Coola First Nations captured Ahan and Sutas and took them to prison.4 During the trial, Ahan admitted to inflicting the final shot in the death of McDougal but stated that they were pressured into conducting the attack by the great Chief Klatsassin, who threatened them with death.5 At the end of the trial, Mr. Brew found Ahan guilty of first degree murder in the deaths of Macdonald, Higgins, and McDougal. He had Ahan executed on 18 July 1865 for these crimes.6
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