Emmanuel, Prince Albert Francis Albert Augustus Charles
b. 1819-05-26
d. 1861-12-14
Prince Albert Francis Albert Augustus Charles Emmanuel was born in Germany on August 26, 1819.1 He married his cousin, Queen Victoria, and together they had nine children.2 The marriage did not earn him any rank and Queen Victoria remained the sovereign.3 He was made prince consort on July 25, 1857.4
He was a strong supporter of the arts and was responsible for organizing the first world's fair, the Great Exhibition, in 1851.5 Although he made many positive changes in England, the local press portrayed the foreign prince as a manipulative man who was using the Queen as a pawn to achieve his own selfish goals.6
Throughout the last few years of his adult life, Albert was plagued by stomach pains, chills, and exhaustion.7 He died of typhoid, apparently, on December 14, 1861; however, based on records of his early symptoms, it is likely he had stomach cancer.8
When the news of Prince Albert's death reached British Columbia, the Municipal Council of New Westminster had Douglas relay, in this despatch to London, their deep sorrow at the late melancholy bereavement which has deprived Her Majesty of a beloved and affectionate Husband, and the Nation at large of a wise and good Prince. It is clear that Prince Albert was highly regarded by the people of B.C.
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