Stekin River [c. 1860]

Stekin River [c. 1860]
Stekin River. [Stikine, River, c. 1862]. Hand drawn and annotated miner's map. Scale 1'' =10 miles.
Stekin River [c. 1862], 1860, National Archives of the UK, CO 700/BRITISH COLUMBIA8/4. The Colonial Despatches of Vancouver Island and British Columbia 1846-1871, Edition 2.4, ed. James Hendrickson and the Colonial Despatches project. Victoria, B.C.: University of Victoria.

Title: Stekin River [c. 1862]

Title: Stikine River.

Subject: Stikine River (B.C. and Alaska) -- Maps; Mining -- British Columbia -- Maps; Gold mines and mining -- British Columbia -- Maps.

Subject: Stikine River, 1862

Identifier (repository): CO

Identifier (repoNumber): 700

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Identifier (libFileName): CO700-BRITISH COLUMBIA8 (4)

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Identifier (doc_id): CO 700/BRITISH COLUMBIA8/4

Date: c. 1862

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Publisher: National Archives of the UK.

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