Cox, Nicholas
b. 1724(?)
d. 1794-01-08
Nicholas Cox, an army officer and a member of the British colonial administration in North America, was an active proponent of settlement in the Gaspé region during the late 18th century.1
Cox originally arrived in Nova Scotia in 1750 and, while in North America, took part in the capture of Fort Beauséjour and the 1755 banishment of the Acadians.2 He also participated in the Seven Years' War.3 In 1775, Governor Guy Carleton appointed Cox to the post of lieutenant governor of the District of Gaspé, a position whereby Cox supervised settlement in the region.4
In the documents enclosed with London Daily News to [Recipient not known.] 17 February 1849, CO 305:2, 265, the author refers to Cox's publictions as some of the only evidence of the club-law and overall anti-settlement attitude that existed in HBC territory.
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