HMS Daedalus, 1826-1911
HMS Daedalus was a fifth-rate sailing ship of the Royal Navy; it was commanded by Captain George Greville Wellesley during its time in the Pacific Station.1 It was 46 m long by 12 m wide and carried 46 guns until it was reduced to 20 guns in 1843; it was sold to J. B. Garnham on 14 September 1911.2
According to Parker, John to Hawes, Benjamin 27 February 1851, WO 1:549, no. 1801, 545 from 1850, Daedalus carried then-Governor of Vancouver Island Blanshard to Fort Rupert in search of four Indigenous men accused of murdering three British seamen. This despatch details The Daedalus's attack on the accused's camp. The inhabitants of the camp fled before it was burned to the ground; it is unclear as to whether or not the murderers were ever apprehended.
The Daedalus is mentioned in several despatches, mostly in 1851.
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