Dodd, Charles
b. 1808-11-29
d. 1860-11-22
Charles Dodd worked for the HBC from 1833 until his death in 1860, except for 1851-1852.1 According to this letter, he commanded an expedition to recover the property plundered from the Una at Neah Bay.
Dodd served as first mate on the Beaver, the Nereide, and the Cowlitz from 1836 to 1842.2 After impressing Sir George Simpson with his capability on the Cowlitz, he was placed in charge of Fort Stikine in 1842, following the death of its previous head officer.3
When his contract at Fort Stikine ended in 1845, Dodd was given command of the Beaver, an important ship in the fur-trade business.4
In 1851, Dodd, who was frustrated by lack of promotion and difficulties finding a reliable crew, resigned from the HBC and settled in Victoria, only to return and command the Beaver again in 1852.5
Dodd was transferred to the Labouchere, a newer and larger steamship, in 1859.6 In 1860, Dodd was recognized for recovering the scalp of a murdered Colonel, Isaac N. Ebey,7 from the northern Kake tribe.8
Dodd died of a kidney infection on June 2, 1860, one day after his promotion to chief factor took effect.9
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