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of. with Pelly 3779
Copy to Foreign Off.
Hudsons Bay Comp.} 18 May/52
2vide to Admlty […] 12 Aug/52
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Ansd 27 Sept/52 5.
11th February 1852 To the Right Honble Earl Grey
Her Majestys principal Secretary of State
For the Colonial Department

My Lord
It is with much satisfaction that I have to report to your Lordship the return of the Schooner "Cadboro" to this place, on the 7th Inst, with the force lately despatched to Neah Bay, to demand satisfaction of the Natives of that place, for the plunder of the "Una", and the maltreatment of her crew, as communicated in my letter of the 29th January. ⎯ The expedition produced the desired effect of alarming the Natives, who made every concession and reparation in their power.      They expressed regret for the misconduct of that part of the Tribe which had been almost exclusively concerned in plundering the "Una", and readily restored every article of value which remained in their possession.
The Chief or principal person of the Tribe, who it appears was absent when the "Una" was wrecked evinced his good will in every possible shape, and vigourously exerted his authority in compelling the restitution of the property.      Mr Dodd the Commander of the Expedition, ascertained that he had punished the plunderers of the "Una"Manuscript image with more severity than was called for, by the circumstances, previous to the "Cadboro's" arrival in Neah Bay; having caused ten of the number to be shot, and one, who was accused of being the party who set the vessel on fire, to be burried alive.      Those barbarous ‸acts were however, neither demanded nor approved by us, and were the result of their own influenced deliberations.
This affair which might have proved troublesome and expensive has been therefore quietly settled, by a simple demonstration, without any direct act of hostility, on the part of this Government, though it has made a deep impression on the minds of the Natives who were intently watching our proceedings.
I have the honor of transmitting herewith duplicate of my letter of the 29 Ultmo and
Have the honor to be
Your Lorship's
Most obt. humble Servant
James Douglas
Governor Vancouvers Island
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
If this information is to be relied on it wd seem that the natives at Neah Bay have paid a severe penalty for molesting a British Ship. But it is not improbable the chiefs may have intentionally misinformed the Officers of the "Cadbro. At all events there seems no corroborating proof in this desph of the fact related.
Send a copy to the Hudsons' Bay Co—and acke rect?
ABd 4 May
HM May 4
D 5
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale.
I have just received the accompanying Papers from Mr Blackwood. If the Draft despatch to Govr Douglas is approved it will be necessary, in pursuance of the Minutes on 6104 Van Couver's Island, to consult the Treasury as to granting licences, and I have therefore, to save time prepared & forward a Draft for approval.
VJ 2 Augt/52
Mr Jadis Elliot
With the alterations or rather additions I have made it appears to meManuscript image these drafts will answer the purpose quite well. I think however the Admiralty should also be apprised, & perhaps the best way will be only to send a copy with a draft stating that these are the instructions "which Sir J.P. proposes to issue" and without calling for any answer. Perhaps Mr Jadis will add a draft to this effect, & then the papers can go to Sir J.P. at once, without returning to me.
HM At 4
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
It appears to me that one Capital point is omitted in these instructions to the Governor on the subject of Queen Charlottes Island. He is told nothing at all about Land or rather he is merely told that he has power to grant Land, and ‸that he will sufficiently know what form he is to use for the purpose. It seems to me in the first place that heManuscript imagehe ought to be strictly prohibited from making any free grants of Land, and secondly it must be decided whether he is equally to be prohibited from disposing of property in Land on any other terms. Is not the subject one on which we ought to seek the aid of the Land Board?
T.F.E. 16 Augt
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
I scarcely think the matter ripe for the Land Board. It seems to me that the best course will be simply to inform the Governor that he is not to make any grants of land, nor allow its occupation except by tenants liable to dispossession, until he has reported on the state of things in the island & received further instructions from Government.
HM Augt 18
(Page 8 of despatch
Manuscript image
Sir J Pakington
The minute overleaf seems to have escaped your notice. If it is approved, an alteration of some importance will have to be made in the draft Instructions, which I have accordingly made for approval, in p. 8.
HM S 21
D 22
I quite Concur in
the alteration. —
JSP. 25
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Draft reply, Pakington to Douglas, No. 5, 27 September 1852 (extensively revised), on the wreck of the Una, on mineral and land rights on "Queen Charlotte's Island," the limits of Douglas's authority to grant land and licenses, and more.
Minutes by CO staff
Mr Merivale
The Commission for Governor Douglas as Lt Governor of Queen Charlotte Island being, I believe, now ready it is necessary [to]Manuscript image furnish him with general instructions for his guidance, and answer certain questions which he has raised in his last despatches, but which have not been ripe for decision until now.
I have carefully perused the correspondence in which we have been engaged for some time past with the different Depts of Govt Sir JohnSir JohnSir JohnManuscript image Pelly and the Govr himself, and, I have prepared this draft which if it should not fully meet yr views, or be incorrect on legal points, will ‸perhaps nevertheless afford you some assistance in preparing a draft 3more to the purpose.
ABd .
Manuscript image
4 Mr Blackwood
This is now ready.
HM S 27
  1. Text is located in the left margin and runs perpendicular to text. Part of first line is cut off and not legible. Part of the last line is written over part of the addressee. See image scan.
  2. Possibly Latin for "see."
  3. There is a diagonal line through the text here. Its purpose is indeterminate. See image scan.
  4. This text, as well as the text that follows, actually appears at the top of the preceding draft reply. See image scan.
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Pelly, John Henry

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