Fort Henrietta
In an enclosure to Shepherd,John to Labouchere, Henry 7 February 1856, CO 305:7, no. 1227, 238 Sinclair reports from what he calls “Fort Kelly”, which appears to be Fort Henrietta, by virtue of both location and the Fort's commander, James K. Kelly.
Fort Henrietta was built just outside the town of Echo, Oregon, which was part of the Oregon Trail.1 Travelers crossed the Umatilla River near the site, and would use the area to refresh themselves, and their livestock, before pushing farther west.2 The Umatilla Indian Agency was constructed near the preferred crossing in 1851, and so became the first local agency for the Cayuse, Walla Walla and Umatilla peoples; it served, also, as a post office and trading post.3 During the Yakima Indian Wars, in 1855, the Agency burned down and the diminutive military stockade of Fort Henrietta was built on its cinders.4
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