Franks, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Harte
b. 1808
d. 1862
In this despatch, Sir Thomas Harte Franks writes a reference for Blanshard's application for Crown employment, following Blanshard's resignation as governor of Vancouver Island.
Between 1825, when he entered the military, and 1845, Franks was promoted several times, climbing from ensign to lieutenant-colonel.1
Franks fought in both the First and Second Anglo-Sikh wars and, as a senior officer, held many independent commands during the Second.2 He was promoted to colonel on June 20, 1854.3
After several victories in the Second Anglo-Sikh War, Franks was finally defeated at Dohrighat and forced to return to England, as his superior denied him further field commands.4 Upon his return, Franks was promoted to major-general and made a Knight Commander of the Bath.5
Franks was married twice, both times to women who were already widows.6 In 1862, sick and exhausted by his long military career, Franks died at home.7
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