Gough, Lieutenant General Lord Viscount Hugh
b. 1779
d. 1869
In this despatch, Gough writes a reference for Blanshard's application for Crown employment, following Blanshard's resignation as governor of Vancouver Island.
Gough was born in Ireland in 1779.1 He was commissioned to the militia at the age of 14 and promoted to lieutenant at 16.2 In 1807, Gough married Frances Maria; they had a son and four daughters.3
Gough commanded the second battalion of his regiment in 1808 when they were sent to Portugal and in 1809 at the battle of Talavera, where Gough's regiment suffered heavy losses and Gough himself was severely wounded.4 Gough was promoted to lieutenant-colonel after the battle and was the first British officer to be given brevet promotion for services performed in battle while at the head of a regiment.5
Over the next forty years, Gough commanded troops in battles in Europe, China, and India.6 For his efforts in the battle of Zhenjiang, in 1843, Gough was appointed commander-in-chief in India.7
After retiring from command in 1849, Gough returned to England, where he was made a viscount.8 He was awarded many honours before his death in 1869—he became full general in 1854, colonel of the Royal Horse Guards in 1855, Knight in 1857, member of the privy council in 1861, and Knight Grand Commander of the Bath in 1861.9
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