Henley, Joseph Warner
b. 1793-03-03
d. 1884-12-08
Joseph Warner Henley was born on 3 March 1793. He is most known for being a British conservative politician, serving in Lord Derby's protectionist governments of the 1850s.1 In 1852, Henley was in the position of president of the Board of Trade and was sworn into the Privy Council.2 In his position as president, Henley gave the Liverpool Shipping Association an objective of placing English ships on the American sea-board. His and the Liverpool Ship Owners Association's concern was that the trade being done by the Americans in the Fraser should be exclusive to Britain, this was of vital importance due to British Columbia's quick expansion.3 He regained the position of president during Derby's second government in 1858. From 1841 to 1878, Henley sat as a Member of Parliament for Oxfordshire, making him the oldest member of the House of Commons from 1874-78.4 Henley retired from parliament at the age of 85 and died at the age of 91 on 8 December 1884.
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