Hill, Sir Stephen John
b. 1809-06-10
d. 1891-10-20
Stephen John Hill was born 10 June 1809, most likely in the West Indies. Hill was made Lieutenant in the Second West Indian Regiment in 1828.1 Hill enjoyed a prosperous military career, entering politics when he was made Governor of the Gold Coast, modern day Ghana, in 1851. Then, in 1854 he was made Governor of Sierra Leone.2 Hill focused his policies on educational reform and public participation in government. Hill left Africa in 1862 due to an unspecified health issue. Thereafter, Hill briefly served as the Governor of the Leeward Islands and Antigua.3
Hill was made Governor of Newfoundland in 1869. Hill was appointed to the position during the campaign for Newfoundland to join the Canadian Confederacy.4 Hill was a staunch pro-confederate, and employed his political clout in the pro-confederate campaign. Thus, he was extremely disappointed at the result in the November election against entering the confederation.5 Hill wrote to the colonial office, calling his electorate ignorant, and voicing his anger that they were trusted with such an important question. Hill even suggested that Britain threaten to make Newfoundland a Canadian dependency, in order to produce a pro-confederate vote.6 His suggestions were rejected. Hill soon settled into his role, and was by all accounts an extremely able Governor. Newfoundland would not enter confederation under Hill's governorship.7
Hill was knighted in 1874. He returned to London in 1876 due to declining health.8 Hill kept a minor political presence, serving on small missions on behalf of the British government. Then, on 20 October 1891 he died.9
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