Charles T. Millard built the steamer Hope in 1860 to convey goods and passengers on the Fraser River route from New Westminster to Port Douglas.1
According to the Nov 21, 1860 edition of the British Colonist, the a new steamer called the Hope performed the best day's work that [had] yet been done on the Fraser.2 The Colonist relates that the Hope's successful run is proof of the benefits of river trade and travel, compared to the old dangerous mountain travel.3
The January 28, 1876 edition of the Colonist mentions that the Hope served as a hotel at Wrangel when, during a storm on the 14th of January, it was washed from the beach up on the hill side, going through several houses and making the occupants scatter very quickly.4 Subsequently, after its grounding, the vessel does not appear to have been fit for duty, as the machinery from the Hope was up for auction in September, 1877.5
Mentions of this vessel in the documents