Manson, Donald
b. 1796-04-06
d. 1880-01-07
Born in Caithness, Scotland in 1796, Donald Manson joined the Hudson's Bay Company in 1817. An 1825 company report describes Manson as a fine strapping fellow who would be thrown away at an Establishment, active service being his forte. After supervising improvements at Fort Vancouver, he was sent to build Fort Langley in 1827. In 1837, he was promoted to chief trader, and spent the latter part of his career after 1844 based at Fort Saint James on Stuart Lake. Although HBC Governor Pelly recommended him to Earl Grey for a commission as justice of the peace in the new colony of Vancouver Island in 1848, this part of his career was marred by complaints that he treated his subordinates roughly, which probably blocked his promotion to chief factor. After his retirement in 1857, he and his family lived on a farm in Champoeg, Oregon.
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