McIntosh, Captain John
Douglas, Chief Factor Governor Vice-Admiral Sir James to Pelham-Clinton, 5th Duke of Newcastle Henry Pelham Fiennes 13 March 1854, CO 305:5, no. 4928, 38 explains that McIntosh's cause of death was drowning while attempting to land his brig, William, on the shore of Vancouver Island. According to the investigation, the accident occurred near Barkley Sound on the night of 1 January 1853. The evidence reveals that McIntosh was a person of intemperate habits and that the ship had been lost entirely through his misconduct.1 Apparently, McIntosh was in a state of intoxication when the vessel ran ashore. He died in his attempt to land the wreck while inebriated; however, the mate and all the seamen were able to land in safety. The crew, as a result of the Captain's death, were required to travel to Victoria under the direction of the natives; when they arrived, they were in a state of distress partly due to ship owner Robert Swanston's refusal to pay the wages owed to them for their time on board the William.2
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