Mundy, Colonel Godfrey Charles
b. 1804-03-10
d. 1860-07-10
Mundy was the Permanent Under-Secretary to the Secretary of State for War (Newcastle, 1854-55; Maule, 1855-58) from 1854-1857.1 He corresponded with the Colonial Office regarding Douglas' request to charter the Otter to protect the colony from Russian aggression, and for a force of five-hundred men to be stationed in the colony; both were deemed unnecessary.2
Mundy followed his father and younger brother into the military; he enlisted in 1821, served as the Aide-De-Camp to Lord Combermer at Bhurtpore in 1826 and as the Deputy Adjutant General in Australia in 1846.3 He was promoted to Colonel and Under-Secretary in 1854 and held this position until the war department was consolidated with other departments into the War Office in 1857.4 The same year, Mundy was appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Jersey, which entitled him the rank of Major-General, and he remained in this role until his death.
Mundy's family achieved notable success in the military; his father, Godfrey Basil Meynell Mundy, was a General, and his Brother, Rodney Mundy, was an Admiral of the Fleet and Knight Grand Cross (G.C.B.). Godfrey Charles Mundy was also an author and illustrator.
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